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Founded in Fall 2003, Deep CS is a group of computer nerds, geeks and enthusiasts at NJIT. It is a place for everyone interested in computer science. Write Code, find peers who share the same passion as you do. Deep CS also organizes workshops throughout the semester to give students a glimpse of industry topics. AFS, Linux and Perl are some successful workshops conducted.

With encouragement of Dean Dr. Gehani and students from College of Computing Science, Deep CS became the official Graduate Student Association of the College of Computing Sciences in the Fall of 2009. Deep CS aims to improve the student-faculty interaction within the department Create a forum of intellectual interactivity within the department Help PHD students by organizing Qualifying-Exam Study clubs or review-sessions Creating awareness among new graduate students on cutting edge research conducted at NJIT Be a representative body to voice academic concerns / suggestions / feedback to the department Social Gatherings, Tech Talks and Programming contests and much more is coming!

All you need is passion of programming and little craziness to build something (not a degree in computer science) So join the Geeks!

At DeepCS, we provide a platform for members to learn and advance skills for a career in Information Technology through technical workshops. We are also targeted with providing members a forum to collaborate among each other and organising exciting events.

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To become a member of the DeepCS community, you must be a NJIT student or an alumnus of NJIT. DeepCS is not restricted to graduate students or YWCC students, we look at DeepCS as a community for all technology enthusiasts who are interested in the benefits of what we stand for.

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