Workshops are one of the integral part of DeepCS. They are intended to educate and make students prepare for industry. As technical education alone, isn’t sufficient for securing a job, recruiters often look for candidate’s auxiliary skill sets. DeepCS understands the importance of these skill sets, and conducts workshops that fills this skill gap. So, you are not short basic skills on the Big Day!


We all have questions and doubts, and class might not be the place where you might be comfortable asking. This is exactly why DeepCS provides tutoring service for students. Tutors are ex-students who have taken that course and excelled in that class.
DeepCS provides tutoring for four core courses

  • CS610: Data Structures and Algorithms
  • CS630: Operating System Design
  • CS631: Database Management System Design
  • CS656: Internet and Higher-Layer Protocols

* For tutor applications, you need to be signed in to your njit email. You may have to logout of your gmail account first.

Interest Groups

Searching for clan of Web Developers? Or Internet of Things (IoT) tribe? Or Big Data Analytics folks? Interest groups are your place to be. Contact us and we will find you the people who are doing it. No worries if it doesn’t exist yet, get five of your friends and we will create an interest group. You bring your passion and we provide you the resources. So, what are you interested in?

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Competitions are great way to judge our capabilities. Coding rounds and solving problems with a clock ticking is an adrenalin itself. We host competitions that enhances your skills and inherently prepares you for the industry. Moreover, DeepCS winner’s title is a thing to brag about too!

Networking Events

Networking is an essential skill in any industry. Meeting industry experts, mentors and professors are important in guiding you towards your goal. DeepCS keeps these networking events to increase the collaboration between students and professors. A place where you can approach with your research idea or get to know his, or ask questions about topics off the course. Add yourself to our mailing list so you don’t miss the invite!

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